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We asked a few people who have stayed at Chrissie’s Croft to tell us what they thought of their holiday here. These are there stories…

“I have lovely memories of our holiday at the Croft. Long walks along the cliff tops in very windy weather. The little cove below the croft where Ella our dog loved to chase seagulls every morning. The exciting drive along the coast on very steep and narrow tracks to the lighthouse at the very end. Going out to watch minky whales in a small boat in choppy seas was fantastic. The various restaurants not far from the Croft had good food, one being Badachro Inn where we watched the sun set in the harbour.

One day we drove to Red Point and had a picnic. A very interesting place wild with the waves crashing on the rocks. Loch Maree had forests along part of it. We had a good walk with our dog but had to keep her on the lead to stop her chasing the deer.

I think my favourite day was when we drove to Loch Torridon; a magnificent drive wonderful scenery and we had it all to ourselves, we didn`t see a single car or person for miles and miles and at the end of the drive we were rewarded with the sight of a golden eagle.
I can`t remember all the names of the places we visited but there were not many places left unexplored. Just the sort of holiday my husband and I both loved.”

Gill Stickells

“As I was from the Flatlands of the Fens in England, the (Highland) landscape to me was amazing. We stopped at the Pitlochry Dam and Fish ladder, I thought it was a tease but Salmon really can climb a ladder! The nearer to our destination we got the less traffic we saw, but we did see plenty of mountains, lochs, sheep and enormous hairy cattle with huge horns.

We got to Chrissies Croft in Port Henderson and my Holiday really began. My 2 cousins (Girls!) were actually great fun. We spent lots of time on the little beach and the rocks as we always had them to ourselves. My Uncle had spent time throughout his life at the Croft and new all the best places to visit and interesting things to do. The 2 of us spent time everyday sea fishing from the rocks. He made his own brass spinners and the local Cod and Pollock were real suckers for them. Nanna and Chrissie were kept busy making all sorts of fish suppers, they were always fantastic. We took a short trip to a place known as Red Point Sands. Here was the most amazing beach I had ever seen, it was huge and we were the only people on it. It was backed by great big sand dunes that us 3 kids spent hours tumbling down, the sea was cold but at that age it doesn’t seem to matter. Most evenings looking out of the windows at the Croft we could see a flotilla of local fishing boats that were from the nearby town, behind them we could see the outline of the cliffs of the Isle of Skye.

There are lots of great memories from that Holiday, the first time I saw seals bobbing around in the sea, birds that dive bombed into the water to catch fish and being hit on the head by a Whelk thrown by an irate cousin. The most enduring was near the end of our holiday. We went fishing during the evening, the sun was soon to disappear in a shimmer of fiery colours and the sea was as flat as a polished mirror. I would have remembered the image forever without the fact that I caught the biggest fish of the holiday, I am still sure it was a local record but it was in the pot before the newspapers got the chance to see it!
I plan to return next year with my two sons, who I know will love it just as much as I did.

Simon Wigg (Our cousin) – incidentally, you deserved the whelk to the head! Can’t remember why but I do remember the ones you threw back reeeeally hurt! Amanda x.

“Chrissie’s Croft…… What a wonderful place to stay. The croft is traditional but homely and very well equipped. Tranquil setting right near the sea. Plenty of walks from the door. Would highly recommend.”

Joanne McDougall.

“My family stayed at Chrissie’s Croft a couple of years ago and plan to return in the near future. The croft itself is so cosy to come back to after a huge day of exploring. The rocky coast behind it was amazing to walk along; especially when the sea was calm and we could see deep into the water, my son loved that. Having been told about them, we sat outside to watch the sunsets. Gorgeous! We did so much and saw so much and we loved every day of our holiday here. It was the perfect escape for us all. Thank you.”

Andrea Thompson.