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The nearest major city to the Gairloch area is Inverness, around two hours for the pedal to the floor driver. However, the trip is full of breathtaking views and sights that will take your breath away so treat it as the perfect start to your holiday at Chrissie’s Croft.

However you choose to find your way to Inverness, the best advice we can give you is to take your time from there on. The twisting roads that grow ever narrower are an absolute joy to drive; especially for the city weary traveller. Every corner delivers a view that you’ll want to hold in your heart forever. Get your passengers to watch out for stags on the mountains and eagles soaring above you – and if you’re lucky enough to spot them, stop – because these sights are not the kind of thing you see anywhere else.

Along with the wildlife on land and in the rivers, we defy anyone to not hit the brakes and park up for a while when the mountain framed road suddenly delivers the sight of Loch Maree. There is a reason why movie makers feature it so often and you will discover it when the sight of it unfolds before you. Enjoy!

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