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What we love about Port Henderson and the Gairloch area

Aside from our little story about our Great Aunt Chrissie MacKenzie herself, which was an essential part of this website, there was some question as to how much of ‘us’ we put on here. But at the end of the day, if you’re looking for holiday accommodation in Gairloch, we felt it would be unfair for us to not share a little of what we love about this beautiful area and the gorgeous croft that has been at the heart of it all.

So, these are each of our top 3 days to experience while you’re here:

Hector Glass Watson – Dad! – Chrissie’s Nephew.
  1. Collecting sea urchins on the rocks on a lovely sunny day.
  2. Fishing to Badaninal and back, with Pollock on a loop of string!
  3. Watching the sun set over the bay.
Duncan – Chrissie’s Great Nephew
  1. Teaching the kids to fish off the rocks.
  2. Watching the otters playing in the sea.
  3. BBQ on the beach just as the sun is setting
Sheena – Chrissie’s Great Niece.
  1. A walk over the hill to Badaninal and coming back to the croft for a cuppa by the fire.
  2. A drive to Ullapool – the views along the way are incredible! Followed by lunch and a walk along the harbour to spot seals and to see Loch Broom at sunset creates a perfect day.
  3. A sunny afternoon at Red Point.
Amanda – Chrissie’s Great Niece.
  1. Spending hours at the shore; watching life in the rock pools and walking along the beach to collect shells and bleached driftwood, to make things later!
  2. Walking! Walking anywhere around the Gairloch area is a fantastic way to spend a day. Even the sheep are friendly – mostly!
  3. A visit to all my favourite places, a coffee and a postcard writing session at the cafe at The Square in Gairloch, while looking out over the bay, a scout around the pier and, in the evening, a visit to one of the numerous bars, pubs or restaurants in the area for a great meal and, if you’re lucky, some music to get your feet tapping. These Highlanders really know how to play!

For more fun things to do, visit our ‘Things to see and do’ link in the Local Area tab above, and hop over to our Facebook page for up to the minute events, tides, and links to great local businesses; from local amenities to boat trips, hiking info, horse riding, marine life watching, museums, gardens, craft shops, bars, music and pretty much everything… And please like us while you’re there so we can keep you in touch with life in Gairloch, the surrounds and of course, our gorgeous croft!